About Us

Fanoon, an Inspiration, Love of Art, and passion for doing something different. And Bringing unique art for the people, who know and appreciate art and know its value.

The idea was there at the back of my mind, for a long time, but never got the time, and one day just browsing through the internet, every piece of the puzzle got to its place, and the picture that was in my mind for so long, suddenly became clear. And strangely enough all the unique expertise required to create all this art were oddly acquired over time. and then was the time to turn dreams in to reality. 

So Fanoon Began, in 2022. and since then we have had a very specific audience, a very prestigious customer base, that loved our work and showed trust in us to contribute to their homes and offices. 

Along the way we also made some collaborations, with some galleries, interior designers, and interior design stores, for whom we have a very special place in our heart. 

And the enthusiasm and support of our customers and followers, have encouraged us to continue and constantly expand our horizon, and what started as a duo, has grown in a full team of about 20 members, and now we are working on new avenues to bring never before available art to you.